First Christian Church Donates to the Drake University Archives

The First Christian Church at 25th and University Avenue was founded in 1888, under the name University Place Church of Christ, and historically had numerous ties with Drake. As the church closes in 2020, the University Archives has accepted documents, correspondence, photographs, and artifacts for preservation. Some of Drake’s Founding Fathers, as well as faculty were preachers and held various notable capacities in the church. Drake’s first campus building, the Student’s Home, hosted early Sunday School sessions, and Sunday evening religious services were held in Old Main’s chapel. Over the years, the First Christian Church shared its sanctuary spaces with Drake for lectures, musical performances, commencements and convocations. Drake Bible College Professor, Charles Medbury preached there for 28 years, and at the peak of his ministry, collapsed and died at the conclusion of Sunday services on April 24, 1932. It remains one of the church’s most dramatic, historical events.

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