Records Management

The Records Management program of Drake University’s Archives and Special Collections is the steward of the University’s records of enduring value, in any form, that are entrusted to its care. As the archival repository for all university records, it has the responsibility to collect, appraise, describe, preserve, and make available university records of enduring value in compliance with appropriate laws and regulations and university records schedules. Records Management selects university records for preservation, in consultation with staff or faculty in charge of the college/department responsible for the records. Colleges/departments are responsible for transferring selected university records to Records Management according to University Archives’ guidelines.

Why transfer records to the archives?

The transfer of records assists offices/departments with the following:

  • Promote effective record keeping: Details of past events, projects, and processes are made easily accessible through online archival finding aids.
  • Improve access: Non-current documents can be scanned and emailed directly to your office upon request.
  • Regain space: Reduce duplicate copies, visual clutter, and overcrowded file cabinets.
  • Improve cost-efficiency: Cut your costs to store, retrieve, and preserve older records.
  • Reduce risk: Eliminate the danger of historical records being mismanaged or misplaced.