About the Program


The mission of the University Records Management unit, under the administration of the University Archives, is to manage all college, department, or office non-current records of the University by providing support through establishing a program that complies with the creation, access, retrieval, storage, security and disposal of information in an effective manner. The University Records Management unit accomplishes this mission by:

  • Centralizing the storage of all University non-current records
  • Ensuring that non-current University records are stored in accordance with Best Practices and guidelines
  • Disposing of non-current records in accordance with guidelines established by Drake University
  • Establishing an effective filing system and retention schedule that ensures non-current records are transferred, stored, and retrieved in an effective and efficient manner
  • Providing for the safety of stored records, in any media

Collection Policy

The Records Management Collection Policy provides campus-wide guidance as to the acceptable records, media, and file formats that should be transferred to the Archives.