What is a record? Information in any format (paper/electronic) that was created or received during the normal course of business that supports and documents institutional functions and allows the office/department to perform its daily activities.

What records do I transfer to the archives? Inactive records (that you no longer need in-house for reference) that were generated/originated from your office/department. These records can be in paper or electronic formats and have historical value.

What does “historical value” mean? The value that is given to records that contain enduring administrative, legal, fiscal, and evidential information. Reviewing our Collection Policy will be a big help!  The Policy tells you what kinds of files/documents the Archives will accept, as well as those we will not.

How do I transfer records to the archives? Prior to sending your records to the archives, please complete and sign the Transfer Agreement and send it to us so that we have it on file. Also, you will need to print and complete the analog records transfer form and attach it to envelopes or boxes each time you send records to the Archives. For ease of transfer, feel free to put your items in Campus Mail.

How do I get started? Begin by completing the Records Survey. Once the survey is complete, please email it to archives@drake.edu. The survey will help you:

  • Identify records that you generate
  • Determine how long you keep these records and which ones to destroy after their retention period has ended
  • Identify files with sensitive language, confidential information, or that should have restricted access
  • Identify “vital” records
  • Identify records that are inactive, that you no longer need in-house for reference

Remember: when in doubt, please send it to the Archives!